Food Safety Systems Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 8 terms in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Technical Expert
An individual who is able to demonstrate a high degree of expertise and technical competence in the food sector category, with sound knowledge and understanding of the HACCP method.

An identified risk that has the potential, if not controlled, to affect the product.

Top Management
Person or group of people who directs and controls an organization at the highest level.
Top management has the power to delegate authority and provide resources within the organization.

Ability to trace and follow raw materials (including packaging), components and products, through all stages of receipt, production, processing, and distribution to the customer both forwards and backward.

Traceability/Product Tracing
The ability to follow the movement of a food through specified stage(s) of production, processing, and distribution.

Traded Goods
Goods not manufactured or processed on-site but bought in and sold on.

A recognizable label, logo, or mark which identifies a raw material or finished product with a particular producer, manufacturer, or retailer.

An identified pattern of results.




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